Land off Norwich Road/Mill Lane

Affordable rented and shared ownership homes on Land off Norwich Road

33% of the dwellings on the land off Norwich Road will be affordable (intermediate housing and rented housing for eligible households whose needs are not met by the market)
• Of these, expected that 60% will be rented and 40% will be Intermediate Housing (=dwellings for sale at prices below local market price – can include shared equity)
• Up to 1/3rd of the affordable rented dwellings to be let on first occupation to people living in Acle, or if not then people who work in Acle, or if not then people who need to move to Acle to support family members or receive support, or if not then other residents in Broadland area (BDC to allocate the tenants)
For checking with Housing Options to ensure you are registered on the Council’s Housing list please use:-

[email protected]

Tel 01603 430641

For the Intermediate Tenure (probably as shared ownership) in the first instance please register with Help to Buy ESE (for shared ownership NOT equity loan):-

Consultation on plans for 138 homes on land off Norwich Road


New homes on Land off Norwich Road/Mill Lane

Repton Homes and Lovell, will be at the Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 24th June to show their plans for the new homes on the land between Norwich Road and Mill Lane. They will be at the Methodist Hall from 6.40pm, with an opportunity for questions before the Council meeting starts….

Indicative design for housing

This is just a draft layout of how the site might look. At present the owners, Norfolk County Council, are only seeking outline permission for the site. Detailed applications will be submitted at a later date:

indicative layout

Outline planning application for up to 140 dwellings on land between Norwich Road and Mill Lane

Plans have been submitted by NPS on behalf of Norfolk County Council for outline permission for residential development on this land. Outline permission for up to 140 dwellings was granted by Broadland District Council 3 years ago, and this will lapse shortly, so NCC is putting in another outline application.

The plans show an indicative layout showing how 140 dwellings can be fitted in to the plot but please note that this is only a first draft and any developer who buys the land, if it is not built by NCC, will put in new plans, with a new layout, so these outline plans are for the principle, rather than the detail.

You can see the plans at :

Put in 20172189 under Application Number, then click Search at the bottom of the page

Then click on 20172189 and then View Related Documents at the bottom of the page

The Parish Council has called an extra meeting, to discuss these plans, on Monday, 15th January at 7.00pm at the Methodist Hall. Come along to look at the plans. If you have any comments on the plans it is important that you send them to Broadland District Council asap.