• Review of Acle’s Neighbourhood Plan

    The Plan will be reviewed from time to time and the report updated:

    Review of Neighbourhood Plan 20230627
  • Summary of Neighbourhood Plan

    Acle Neighbourhood Plan – Summary

    2014- 2026


    The Vision is to ensure that Acle continues as a flourishing village and gateway to the Broads that maintains a strong sense of community whilst embracing a sustainable and prosperous future as a place where people choose to live, work and visit.

    The Objectives are:

    Community and leisure O1: To improve the ability of the village centre to be used for community events O2: To support enhanced education facilities for all age groups O3: To improve access to formal and informal sports and leisure provision.

    • Policy 1 – support improvements to the area at Acle Bridge
    • Policy 2 – reduce extent of highway in village centre, increase width of narrow pavements  and increase green space
    • Policy 3 – support upgrade and growth of Acle Academy and the provision of new sports facilities for students and the wider community
    • Policy 4 – encourage provision of an enhanced replacement pre-school facility, containing two classrooms, better integrated with the primary school

    Movement and transport O4: To improve conditions for walking and cycling from the village centre to the surrounding        countryside 05: To reduce the dominance of the highway in the village centre O6: To support enhanced public transport infrastructure.

    • Policy 5 – encourage new and improved footpaths, footways, cycleways and bridleways connecting Acle with surrounding villages and the countryside, including the improvement of the footway between Norwich Road and Mill Lane/ Acle Academy and improved footpath and cycleway adjacent to A1064 between Acle Bridge and the village
    • Policy 6 – improve access to Wherry Line – encourage improvements to pedestrian and cycle access to the station and facilities at the station. Better signage, improved lighting and footpath surfacing, improved parking
    • Policy 7 – reduce severance effect of A1064. Reduce speed limits and install pedestrian crossing

    Business and employment O7: To protect and enhance provision of small traditional retail in the village centre O8: To ensure that employment sites are developed for an appropriate mix of employment        uses O9: To improve the attractiveness of Acle for inward investment

    • Policy 8 – encourage sensitive development of under-used brownfield sites for small scale mixed use activities such as retail, office and residential. Layout and design should enhance appearance of village centre, with adequate parking provision
    • Policy 9 – encourage high quality, flexible employment space

    Housing 010: To make sure any new housing development has an appropriate mix of affordable units O11: To make sure any new housing development includes an appropriate mix of units of        different sizes for both young and old households O12: To make sure any new housing development is of the highest quality and reflects local                            and traditional architectural styles. This includes a requirement in all new housing      developments for a minimum of one off-road parking space for one-bed homes and a      minimum of two spaces for two- and three-bed homes.

    • Policy 10 – new housing expected to integrate with existing areas and have regard to character of adjoining areas. Developers should design inclusive and mixed communities and consult and engage with local communities
    • Policy 11 – in any new development, off road parking spaces shall be provided at a minimum of one space for one-bedroom dwellings and a minimum of two spaces for two-bedroom dwellings




  • Neighbourhood Plan adopted by Acle residents

    The Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by Acle residents. There was a turnout of 16.2% with 85% of those who voted, voting in favour of the plan.

    You can read more by clicking here

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