• Bad news for an extension to the cemetery

    Acle Parish Councillors attended Broadland District Council’s Overview & Scrutiny meeting this morning. The parish clerk presented evidence of 137 residents who had written to support the request for a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) to acquire just one acre of land north of the current cemetery. Only 6 residents have written to object to the proposal, including Acle’s district councillor, Lana Hempsall, who confirmed that she had not changed her view that the CPO should not be supported. After some discussion, BDC voted not to recommend support for our request. District councillors Vince Tapp and Frank O’Neill, who both live in Acle, voted against Acle Parish Council’s request.

    The next step is for us to attend BDC’s Cabinet meeting next Tuesday, when BDC will make a final decision as to whether to support Acle in this.

    If you feel strongly about this, from either viewpoint, please contact your district councillor Lana Hempsall on 01493 751562 or [email protected] and copy in the other two councillors who live in the village:

    Vince Tapp on 01493 751856 or [email protected] and

    Frank O’Neill on 01493 752111 or [email protected]


  • Farmers’ Market

    This Saturday, 12th December, from 9.00am at the Parish Rooms, opposite Budgens

    ..and every second Saturday of the month…

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