• Volunteers needed to set up Community Speedwatch in Acle

    At least 6 residents are needed to set up a new Community Speedwatch Group in Acle.

    Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices.

    Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds. In cases where education is blatantly ignored and evidence of repeat or excessive offences is collated (even across county borders), enforcement and prosecution follow.

    Volunteers receive appropriate training, and are supported by neighbourhood policing team (NPT) staff. The scheme aims to cater for the problem of real or perceived speed related offending, and through partnership with the community it is to be used in circumstances that are necessary, justifiable and proportionate in order to:

    • Reduce death and injury on the roads
    • Improve the quality of life for local communities
    • Reduce the speed of vehicles to the speed limit
    • Increase public awareness of inappropriate speed

    Speedwatch activity is not about interfering with neighbours’ behaviour; it is a proactive solution to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in the community.
    Although 6 people are needed to set up a Group, it is vital to have more than 6 people or else the Group will soon fold,as 3 people are needed for each speed monitoring session. There was a Group in Acle a few years ago but gradually the number of volunteers dropped off and the Group was disbanded.

    You only need to help out as little or as often as you can. Monitoring can only be done during daylight hours, but can be at weekends if that’s when the volunteers are available.

    Please contact the parish clerk, Pauline James, if you are interested in joining an Acle Group.

    Tel: 01493 751070 or Email: [email protected]

  • Support from UK Power Networks

    Do you need extra support during a power cut or do you know someone else that would need extra support? Our services are free to customers who need support.

    Power cuts don’t happen very often but if the electricity network is damaged or develops a fault it’s our job to get your power back on. Our engineers will work around the clock 24/7 to restore your power as quickly and as safely as possible.

    If you live in London, the East or South East of England, then being on our Priority Services Register will ensure you will receive extra support if you experience a power cut.

    What help should I expect to get during a power cut?
    ✔ A priority number that you can call 24 hours a day
    ✔ A dedicated team who will contact you to keep you updated during a power cut
    ✔ We can put you in touch with an expert who can offer you advice on energy bills and energy saving tips if this is important to you
    ✔ Tailored support if needed such as home visits, hot meals, advice and keeping your friends and relatives updated
    ✔ In certain scenarios we may also offer a free hotel overnight and transport to the hotel

    Who can register to receive extra support?
    • Customers who rely on medical equipment
    • Customers who are chronically ill
    • Customers with a disability
    • Customers who have dementia
    • Customers who are blind or partially sighted
    • Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing
    • Customers who are of pensionable age
    • A nursing or residential home
    • Customers with children under five in their household
    • Any other case that you would like us to consider

    Register here

  • Local Plan documents

    This area comes under Broadland and the Broads Authority

    Links to Local Plan Documents at Nov 17 (2)

  • Police advice for darker days

    Every year burglary tends to increase during the autumn months as the afternoons get darker,
    making it easier to identify unoccupied homes, which are often left unlit. Residents can make
    their homes more secure by following some basic crime prevention advice such as:
     Use timer switches on a lamp, radio or TV set so that they turn on as it gets dark in the
     Make a habit of checking that ground floor windows and doors are closed and locked when
    you leave the house or go to bed. Upstairs windows should be locked when the house is
     PVC doors must be locked by lifting the handle and turning the key to ensure all the
    security features are in place.
     Car and house keys should be kept out of sight in a safe place. Don’t leave them on display
    on window sills, in porches, hallways or kitchens.
    Secure your rear garden by shutting and locking any gates. Burglars can use garden tools, like
    ladders to break in, so make sure you securely lock away any tools after use.

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