Casual Vacancy for a parish councillor

Being a parish councillor

The position of parish councillor is a voluntary position, and unpaid.

To be eligible to be a parish councillor you must be at least 18 years old, be a British or Commonwealth citizen, and either (a) be a local government elector or (b) live within 3 miles of the parish, or work in or rent/own land in the parish of Acle.

There are 12 parish councillors for Acle Parish Council. Every parish council stands down at each parish council election, normally linked to district council elections, and usually every 4 years.

At the time of a parish council election, if 13 candidates stand then an election is held. If 12 or fewer stand, then everyone is automatically confirmed as a parish councillor.

If fewer than 12 people stand to be councillors, or when someone resigns or dies mid-term, then there is what is called a casual vacancy. The existing parish councillors vote on who they would like to be the new parish councillor, known as co-option.

Generally, candidates are invited to attend a parish council meeting and, at the end, to say just a few words about why they would like to be a parish councillor, what they care about particularly in the area, and what their interests are. The councillors then discuss the candidates in private and vote on which person to choose. The councillors look for someone to complement the existing skills base within the council, or someone who has an interest in or enthusiasm for a forthcoming project.

The parish council employs a parish clerk (25 hours per week) and a part-time cleaner for the public toilets, and some open spaces. The council looks after street lights, 3 play areas, the cemetery, some grasscutting, the allotments, and some bins and benches. It also pays for the youth club and helps the Recreation Centre, Social Club and other village groups and clubs. The council owns the Pre-school building (known as the Fletcher Room), the former Barclays Bank building and is currently buying the Chocolate Box.

The council is consulted on planning applications in the area, and on some larger projects in the county.

Meetings are usually on the last Monday of each month, apart from when that falls on a bank holiday, when the meeting is moved forward by one week. Meetings are held at 7.00pm, usually in the Methodist Meeting Room, but currently on Zoom.

New councillors are encouraged to undertake some introductory training courses, which are paid for by the council.

For more information, please contact the clerk, Pauline James, on 01493 751070 or [email protected]


Notice of vacancy

Councillors’ contact details

Sally Aldridge: 38 Nursery Close, Acle NR13 3EH
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07767 396 213

CHAIR: Angela Bishop:
Email: [email protected]

Jackie Clover: Clover Cottage, Bridewell Lane, Acle NR13 3RA
Tel: 750809
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07708 055 679

Barry Coveley: Cove-Leighs, 44 Damgate Lane, Acle NR13 3DJ      Tel: 751712
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07796 951 287

Jayne Greenacre: Email : [email protected]

Tony Hemmingway:
Katie’s Cottage, Reedham Road, Acle NR13 3DE
Email : [email protected]
Mobile: 07594 948 727

Hannah Jackson, Childwall House, Reedham Road, Acle NR13 3DE
Email: [email protected]
Mobile:  07860758011

Wendy Kenny: 8 Habgood Close, Acle NR13 3RE  
Email: [email protected]

VICE-CHAIR: Jamie Pizey: 3 Phoenix Close, Acle  NR13 3QS    Tel:  07745 359 315
Email: [email protected]

Richard Powell: Holly House, Carters Loke, Acle NR13 3DS
Email: [email protected]

Anna Wade:   Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07826 556218


Norfolk County councillor: Brian Iles:
Thurne Cottage, 37 Damgate Lane, Acle NR13 3DJ    Tel: 752074
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07789 397 497

Broadland District councillor: Lana Hempsall,
Southacre, 21 South Walsham Road, Acle NR13 3EA      Tel: 751562
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07906 770 478

Parish councillors’ interests

Broadland District Council holds the list of parish councillors’ interests: click here