• Jab Cab

    JAB CAB Free Taxi Service

    We are all aware of the benefits and importance of getting a COVID jab to protect ourselves, our families and friends and our communities.

    Some people though may be struggling to get to their nearest Jab Centre.

    To help remove the barrier for many that live in more rural areas Norfolk and Waveney CCG, in collaboration with health and care partners, are funding a Jab Cab service until 31 March 2022. This service offers everyone in Norfolk and Waveney a free taxicab return journey to a vaccination site to receive a COVID-19 jab. This can be arranged from school, home, or your place of work, so it’s easy and convenient.

    The service is eligible for people who are having a first, second, or booster jab, and you can attend any vaccination site or walk-in clinic that’s convenient to you.

    In order to claim your free journey, simply book your COVID-19 jab online or check which walk-in centre you’d like to visit. Then call a participating local taxi company and book your journey. Click here to see a list of participating taxi companies and find out more about the Jab Cab.

  • Norfolk Community Law Services

    Free legal advice

    NCLS leaflet
  • Minutes of 15th February 2022

    15th February 2022

  • Parking Restrictions Agreed

    The parking restriction scheme has finally been signed off by Norfolk County Council. We are now waiting

    for the right Highways team to be in the area, for them to put in the signage and the lines on the roads.

    The Street – double yellow lines at junction with South Walsham Road, single yellow lines on the west side of The Street, in front of Crossway Terrace (no parking 10 – 11am Monday – Friday to prevent all-day commuter parking), unrestricted parking on east side, as requested by residents.

    Old Road – parking bay by Optician’s shortened to make it safer, double yellow lines on north side by Wilkersons and Old Foundry Court.

    New Road – double yellow lines on bend by dentist’s to stop all parking, double yellows at junctions with New Close, Springfield and entrance to BP garage to protect the visibility at the junctions.

    Mill Lane – double yellow lines at narrow entrance, and at junction with St Edmunds Road, single yellow lines for first part of Mill Road (no parking 10 – 11am Monday – Friday to prevent all-day commuter parking).

    Birtles Way and Priory Close – double yellow lines at junctions, otherwise no parking restrictions, as requested by residents. 2-hour parking bays outside post office.

    Reedham Road/ The Street – double yellow lines at Church Corner and along Reedham Road as far as the bridge. One white H-bar outside the Old Inspector’s House.

    The other existing parking restrictions in the village centre remain – 2 hour parking around The Green Monday – Friday.

    Village Centre
    New Road
    Reedham Road and Priory Close
  • Just a Cuppa

    Every Tuesday at Acle Library at 2.00pm

    Come along for a chat and refreshments…

  • Help available at Acle Library

    Bags of items are available for collection, for Free, in all libraries.
    Keep Warm and Go – Bags contain; Hat, blanket, scarf, gloves, thermal vest and thermal socks
    Toiletries to Go – Bags contain; deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel and hand gel
    Cleaning to Go – Bags contain spray cleaner, cleaning cloths, washing up liquid and washing powder
    Tricky Period – Bags contain one pack regular and one pack of super/night sanitary pads
    Tricky Period Sustainable – Menstrual cup; choice of either size A or size B
    Washable sanitary pads (three regular & three super pads)
    There is additional information on these webpages:
  • Assistance with Fuel and Water bills

    Local Authorities Q&A for Energy Companies’ Priority Services Register for people who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

    What does this scheme mean for CEVs?
    • Energy suppliers are required by the regulator, Ofgem, to hold a register of customers who
    may need additional support called a Priority Service Register.
    • If you are clinically extremely vulnerable you fall within Ofgem’s definition of a customer in a
    vulnerable circumstance and therefore you should speak to your supplier if you would like to
    be added to this register. You will not need to provide evidence that you are clinically
    extremely vulnerable.
    • The additional services provided to you will include accessible billing, safety measures when
    someone from the energy supplier needs to enter your home, being able to nominate
    someone to manage communications on your account and whether a prepayment meter is
    appropriate for your situation.
    • Suppliers have also agreed to provide additional support to consumers in financial difficulty
    during the pandemic, which could include pausing debt repayments, stopping
    disconnections, sending you prepayment top ups if you cannot leave the house and referring
    you to independent debt advisors for support.
    • Please contact your energy supplier for more information or visit:
    Further information is also available
    at: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/household-gas-and-electricity-guide/extra-helpenergy-services/priority-services-register
    Will CEVs be required to provide evidence that they are vulnerable to receive help?
    • No. Energy companies do not usually require evidence when adding vulnerable consumers
    to the PSR, as this is usually done on the basis of a conversation between the consumer and
    the supplier. Therefore, we do not expect that suppliers will ask for proof of CEV status.
    Is this scheme only available to CEVs?
    • No. The Priority Services Register is available to all vulnerable consumers. For more
    information on the definition of who is classed as vulnerable, please see link here

    Water and Power Companies' support
  • Acle & District Men’s Shed

    The Men’s Shed is about to get some portable buildings at Acle Rec Centre and will then start meetings.

    At present, there is a social meeting every Tuesday at The Hermitage Pub at 3.00pn

    For more details:

    [email protected]

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