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    With very little crimes of note across North Norfolk & Broadland this week to report on, we start to turn our attention on keeping safe on the run up to Christmas with some festive Crime prevention advice.


    With Christmas approaching (for some) all too quickly our thought turn to shopping and buying presents for our family and friends. We’re all used to stock piling them under the tree as we draw nearer to the big day. They may look pretty all wrapped up with ribbons and wrapping paper, but they can be equally appealing to the opportunist thief who may be walking past your home and whilst not only admiring the Christmas lights within your house (ideally lighting up the room) they could also be eying up their own present windfall of their own.


    Some simple advice; Keep your presents out of sight until the night before if you can! It will help to stop temptation, from outsiders and from within the home.


    Meanwhile police forces across the country, Action Fraud and Get Safe Online are warning consumers to take extra care when shopping for Christmas gifts online.


    Fraudsters conned consumers out of more than £12m over Christmas last year through online shopping and auction scams. Action Fraud received more than 10,000 reports, with the average loss to victims more than £1,700.

    Action Fraud experts say even the most confident online shopper can be caught out by professional fraudsters. But fraudsters often target vulnerable shoppers who are unsure in using modern technology.


    For advice on how to stay safe shopping online this Christmas got to our website www.norfolk.police.uk


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