In case of flooding

The Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance is a new taskforce, brought together in early 2021, to work so that Norfolk communities and infrastructure are safer and more resilient to the risks of inland and coastal flooding. The Alliance includes, among others, the Environment Agency, Anglian Water, the Association of Drainage Authorities, the Water Management Alliance, Water Resources East, the Norfolk Resilience Forum, the Broads Authority and Norfolk’s County, Borough, City, District and Parish Councils.

In the event of flooding residents can call 0344 800 8013 to report it. The new number gives residents a single point of contact and allows reports to be made swiftly. Alternatively, residents can continue to report flooding online via Norfolk County Councils flooding pages.

Different agencies respond to different types of flooding, which has historically made reporting a flood by telephone more complicated when and where it is not possible to ascertain the source of floodwaters. The new number provides a single point of contact making the reporting of flooding quicker and easier. Where there is a potential risk to life from flooding people should still call 999 immediately.

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