Resignation of councillor

Ellen Thompson has resigned as parish councillor as she has moved away from the village. The councillors thank Ellen for her contributions to the parish council over the past couple of years.

As there are elections in May 2019, it is unlikely that the councillors will co-opt to fill this vacancy


Councillors’ contact details

Contact details

Committees and working parties

Street Lighting Tony Hemmingway, Roger Jay and Jamie Pizey
Planning Committee Barry Coveley, Roger Jay, Julia Line, Annie Bassham
Youth Annie Bassham, Julia Line
Finance Tony Hemmingway, Barry Coveley, David Burnett
Personnel Tony Hemmingway, Barry Coveley, Angela Bishop
Fletcher Room Tony Hemmingway, Angela Bishop
Cemetery extension Tony Hemmingway, Barry Coveley, David Burnett, Jackie Clover
Springfield Land Tony Hemmingway, Barry Coveley, David Burnett, Jackie Clover
Herondale Sally Aldridge, Annie Bassham, Angela Bishop
Resilience/Emergency Planning Annie Bassham, Angela Bishop, Jack Horner-Glister and Jamie Pizey
Acle in Need Angela Bishop (Elected for 4 years)
Acle Regatta Jackie Clover
Roads in Acle Sally Aldridge, David Burnett
Acle Recreation Centre Barry Brooks, David Burnett, Jackie Clover, Barry Coveley, Dennis Fisher, Diane Fisher, Lana Hempsall, Roger Jay and Nick Methold   (elected in March) + Kenny Gale       
Acle Lands Trust Adam Fisher, Brian Grint, Nigel Robson, Martin Greenland, Jackie Clover (elected in March)


Parish councillors’ interests

Broadland District Council holds the list of parish councillors’ interests: click here


Code of Conduct

Adopted in May 2012

Code of Conduct

To be reviewed June 2016