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Acle Parish Council met on 18th December to set its budget and to decide on the precept. The precept is collected by Broadland District Council via your council tax bills and pays for village facilities and services.

The Parish Council manages most of the streetlights, benches, grit bins, waste bins and bus shelters. It also pays for the Tuesday youth club, hanging baskets, Christmas lights, and most of the grasscutting. By giving grants, it supports the Acle War Memorial Recreation Centre, Acle Good Neighbours, Acle Lands Trust and other local charities.It owns the play equipment at Beighton Road, Damgate Lane and Springfield, and the Fletcher Room (used by the Pre-school). It manages the village centre public toilets. It employs a part-time cleaner and a part-time parish clerk. It has been campaigning for many years to buy additional land for a new cemetery north of the village. Its request for a Compulsory Purchase order is currently with the Government. It invested the sale proceeds from the land north of Springfield into the purchase of the Barclays Bank building, and receives rents from the bank and from private tenants in the upstairs flats. It is currently employing Norfolk County Council to carry out a survey of parking in the village and to make changes to parking restrictions so as to manage the all-day commuter parking in the village.

As well as managing these assets, the Council also puts some money away each year in an earmarked fund to pay for future repairs and replacement of the various assets and facilities.

In order to meet these costs it was decided to increase the precept by 10% to a total of £102,210 for the year. Each household will pay an amount depending on the council tax band of your home. For an average Band D property, this precept represents a total cost for the year of £105.15, or 28.8 pence per day.

Budget and Reserves for 18-19

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Earmarked reserves 2018-19

The budget working party has recommended an increase in precept of 10%. This represents a total cost of £105.15 for the year for an average Band D home, or 28.8 pence per day.

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