June 2016

Afforable homes at Springfield development

Affordable Housing 2016 Poster Acle (1)

New affordable homes coming soon to your parish Affordable housing at Springfield, Acle. Expected end 2016.

Saffron Housing Trust is providing 12 affordable homes. These include 1 bedroom houses and bungalows and 2 and 3 bedroom houses. Allocation priority for local needs homes will be given to the residents of Acle. HousingOptions in Broadland House graphic is illustrative only and does not necessarily represent the properties.

For affordable rent properties please contact the Housing Options Team tel: (01603) 430641 email: housingoptions@broadland.gov.uk

For the affordable home ownership properties (Shared Equity) applicants need to be registered with Help to Buy East South East – https://www.helptobuyese.org.uk and contact Crocus Homes direct for marketing (01508) 500499 or www.crocushomes.co.uk